Do we have products in Longrich?

    Yes we have about 2000 high quality products in many categories such as health care, skin care, weight loss products, personal care and even household appliances for you and your family. 

    Are the products safe?

    Yes, our products meets or exceeds regulatory standard requirements in every country where these products are sold.

    How do partners make money in Longrich?

    Longrich partners earn commissions when customers they introduce buy Longrich products. They also get paid for purchases made for their own personal use.

    When I become a partner, when will I get paid?

    Partners get paid every week.

    Do partners get incentives?

    Yes. Including:

    - 4 free international trips per year.

    - Car incentive, which will be paid directly into your account.

    - Housing incentives

    - A full scholarship for any of your children or nominated person and attendance for an Executive MBA program Overseas

    - You have the opportunity to own shares from the OEM/ODM deals that Longrich does monthly.
    These shares gives you access to 0 interest housing funds, funds for vacation, automated businesses and suvs.

    - The Longrich business is futuristic.
    She empowers you to build your own brand through personal development and entrepreneurship.
    While most companies it starts and ends with you selling products for them and that’s it.
    How can I become a partner?

    It is easy to become a partner. Contact us via any of our contact numbers on this website or follow this link or click on the image below to join us:

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